How To: Have a beginner harp lesson

In these beginner music lessons on video, learn to play harp just like David did. Well… perhaps similar in some ways. Nevertheless, these clips will help you navigate your way around the instrument, plucking a few sweet melodies and creating ambiance for just about any dinner party or art gallery opening imaginable. Take some time to watch and learn these harp tips and techniques today.

How To: Play a hammered dulcimer

In this series of expert videos, you will learn more about the history and function of the hammered dulcimer. Watch as our expert plays this beautiful instrument and demonstrates the function of the damper pedal. Get tips on playing the hammered dulcimer including tips on accompanying lead instruments or voice with the hammered dulcimer. Learn how to play different tunes, songs, and jigs on this instrument. Watch these videos and learn how to tune the hammered dulcimer and play muted notes. T...

How To: Play a basic melody technique on the autoharp

This how to video installment explains a basic autoharp melody playing technique called "pinching". Playing melody on the autoharp is not as difficult as it may first appear. There are an awful lot of strings, but finding a melody note and playing it clearly isn't as hard as it seems. Pay attention to these harp playing tips.

How To: Learn the basics of the harp

This video will teach you all about the basic of the harp. For example, not many people are aware that the harp has pedals which control the different pitches. Watching this video will teach you all about how the harp's strings are colored and made.

How To: Sit at the Lever harp properly

This video will teach you the proper manner in which to sit so that you can play the Lever harp. The Lever harp is a traditional folk harp, and is often used in Irish music. Watch this video, and you'll soon be on your way to being a harp prodigy.

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