How To: Play a basic melody technique on the autoharp

Play a basic melody technique on the autoharp

This how to video installment explains a basic autoharp melody playing technique called "pinching". Playing melody on the autoharp is not as difficult as it may first appear. There are an awful lot of strings, but finding a melody note and playing it clearly isn't as hard as it seems. Pay attention to these harp playing tips.

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I bought my autoharp a year ago for my birthday and it's been sitting in it's case. I know after finding your video on how to play a vow to learn this wonderful instrument. Hope I can also find the method for tunning my autoharp. Thanks so very much Joanne. By the way I have an OS-120 c/n I not sure what kind a diatonic or chromatic?


Oh? That is all. Well, I just got handed an autoharp at my school. I was so excited. I have little knowledge of piano, guitar, acordion, but do I ever love a challenge and the possibility that I can actually learn this instrument. I certainly am not musically gifted, but I love music. I loved hearing Jo Ann Smith's brief conversation and tips on melody on the autoharp. I took it from school to the music store to get a string fixed; they probably do not have an autoharp string but were going to create one from either guitar string or banjo, or what ever they thought might work for now. No one else at the school would have done that, so the instrument is in the right hands, I promise you that. Did Onewin D4ME ever get any helpful comments?

This is fantastic thankyou....pity my autoharp is out of tune..


Why is it only older people who have interest in the autoharp?? I'm 15 and I really want an autoharp so bad! Will most kids my age appreciate it all?

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